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Lotto Dream Comes True

The Boys in the Lotto Lab are ticked off.  All day, every day, twenty-four hours a day all they do is dream of hitting the lotto.The Boys in the Lotto Lab

What’s happened so far?  In a word.  Zero.

Now, after reading this article from a Canadian TV station, they believe they know what they’ve been doing wrong.

It seems this woman’s boyfriend dreamed she hit the lotto, then she did.  The Boys are Boys, so they don’t have a Boyfriend.  They did try to use the girls bathroom once, that was a disaster.  However, they were released on their own recognizance this time, so, they consider it a win.


Inexplicably, even though they’ve offered lucrative employment, demonstrable professionalism, and cutting edge new Lotto Strategies, their Girlfriend dance card is still empty.

So, there is no Boyfriend, there is no Girlfriend, that leaves you,

Dedicated Lotto Central Players.”

Today is your Lucky Day.

The Boys request, no, scratch that, they INSIST, that everyone, 100% of Loyal Lotto Central Players, go to sleep right now and dream of them hitting the Jackpot IMMEDIATELY!

How could this plan fail?  😉


Black Line Lotto

Chatham woman wins $500K with Lotto Max


A summary of the article is below.  To read the original article, Click Here.

Chatham woman won $500,000 after she says her boyfriend had a dream she won the lottery.

Christy Redding from Chatham collected $500,000 with Maxmillions in the Feb. 23 Lotto Max draw.



I usually play Lotto 6/49 and Pick 3,” Redding said while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her winnings.



But my boyfriend recently had a dream that I won the lottery so I decided to buy a Lotto Max ticket as well.”



My stomach dropped when I realized I won $500,000. I haven’t slept since.”



Redding, a mother of one, plans on using her winnings to purchase a wheelchair accessible home as well as a wheelchair for her granddaughter.



The winning ticket was purchased at Ann’s Convenience & Video on St. Clair Street in Chatham.


Black Line Lotto


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