Ten Traits

10 Traits of  Effective Lotto Professionals 

The Boys in the Lotto Lab have long maintained that they operate one of the very The Boys in the Lotto Labbest places to work in all of the Great State of Texas.  By extension, anyone and everyone blessed to work with them would learn more than they dreamed possible and, ultimately, would share in many multi-million dollar jackpots.

They find it puzzling that they’re getting so much push back.

Loyal Lotto Central players know that The Boys have been searching for a key employee.  They’re in dire need of a Female CEO.  Inexplicably, applications have slowed, so they wanted to re-communicate the benefits of working for the planet’s premier Lotto Professionals.

The Boys recently noticed an article in Entrepreneur Magazine that resonated with their management practices.

The article is titled:

“10 Traits of Managers Whose Team Are Happy to Come to Work”

With absolute certainty, The Boys exemplifies these ten characteristics.  The Lucky Lotto Lady or the Lucky Lotto Lad that comes forward to apply will enjoy the Boats and Millions Belong to Womenwit, wisdom, and benefits of working for The Boys.  That alone is worth pursuing this very, very lucrative opportunity.

The compelling characteristics The Boys are renowned for include the following.


The Boys have single-handedly created the most impressive cache of lotto intelligence on the globe.  Things that others deemed impossible, The Boys accomplish with ease.  For example, The Boys proved:

These, and much more, thoroughly researched and peer reviewed articles prove without a doubt that The Boys are the preeminent lotto scholars on the planet and quite probably, the universe.



Great managers understand the basic principles of management and provide the leadership and inspiration that young lotto professionals need as they find The Boys in the Lotto Lab Love to Breakdancetheir “Lotto Legs,” so to speak.

Lotto is a challenging profession.  The Boys understand the difficulties young players face.

The Boys are quick to begin breakdancing when a young acolyte seems despondent at their most recent loss.  This drives a deep reverence for The Boys in all of their former employees.

Some of the Lotto Lab’s former employees have gone on to become assistant managers and even full managers at local retail outlets throughout Flower Mound.  The Boys know their practical approach to management and nurturing approach to instructing their young charges played a significant part in their incredible successes after they left the Lotto Lab.


Great Lotto Professionals are upbeat and positive.  The tone they set leaves little room for whining and crying, no matter the challenge, no matter the disappointment.

Regardless of what happened in the last drawing, their motto remains…

Next Time…. Fer Sure!!

Stress Management

The Boys are under a lot of pressure.  As noted above, they’re always convinced that the next Texas Lotto drawing will be the one that provides them with the resources to head to Padre Island and work on their tans full time.

As yet, the multi-million dollar jackpot has eluded The Boys. While they remain confident that their win is inevitable, they manage their own stress through regular breakdancing competitions among themselves and their staff.

The Lotto Lab Professional Staff loves these thrice weekly contests, and many have said as much in their exit interviews.

Because The Boys know how to manage their own stress, they are more masterful in managing the stress of their team members.  Because of this, they are fast becoming Flower Mounds most sought after former employer.

Love What They Do

Famous Lotto Professional like The Boys love what they do.  As such, they view themselves as perpetual learners in their chosen field.  They invest their time and resources into self-development, education, and training.  They offer their insights and perspicacity to those fortunate enough to be employed by them.

The Boys in the Lotto Lab Love their JobThis describes The Boys perfectly.

It’s evident The Boys are three lotto professionals that love what they do.  They adore going on and on about the next drawing.  They eagerly await the ten pm drawings on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, convinced that this time is the time they’ve been waiting for.

On those occasions when they don’t hit the jackpot, they have continuous debriefs over the following 72 hours.  What could they have done different, what could they do better, what changes in strategies will they make before the next big drawing? 

Should they revise their numbers?

The last discussion usually results in a heated argument around what will happen when their old numbers are drawn, and all they have are current lotto tickets with the new numbers.

It’s an open question whether the Texas Lottery Commission will honor the hundreds of expired tickets The Boys have that will then reflect the current winning numbers.

Repeated calls to the Texas Lottery Commission requesting clarification on this matter were not returned.

While all of their former employees were invited to join in these informative dialogs, most just went home.


Great Lotto Professionals develop their leadership skills by engaging in education, continuous learning, practical application, and research.  This describes The Boys precisely.  You need only review their vast treasure trove of powerful insights to understand the leadership they exhibit on a daily basis.  To their eternal credit, they publish their information for all to see.  This will certainly assure there are many more jackpots available to all lotto professionals around the globe.  Click Here

The Boys epitomize:

“Selfless Lotto Leadership.”Make Time For Fun

Their sharing attitude to all comers assures that the full potential of all players is within reach of the diligent among them.  Through their generosity and munificence, they focus on teaching lotto players everywhere how to work with each other, rather than against each other.

That is why The Boys in the Lotto Lab are inspirational leaders.

Ability To Motivate

Compelling Lotto Researchers and Lotto Professionals are self-motivated and able to motivate others.  They can and will do what’s necessary to improve team tactics and keep those fervent about the lotto in a high state of passion.

They maintain a supportive environment that compels the entire team to continue working together as they pursue their inevitable jackpot.  The Boys keep their team of “crack” lotto researchers focused on critical lotto matters as they break dance their way towards the millions.

Dedication to Excellence

There’s nothing more important to The Boys than their inevitable multi-million dollar Texas Lotto jackpot win.  They know, and they exemplify this in every move they make and every breath they take.  They know the only way for them and their team to make this magical event a reality is a laser-like focus on lotto excellence.

Lotto professionals dedicated to unremitting perfection expect the best from themselves and from their team.  Poor Lotto Central results reflect not only upon themselves but also on their team.  That’s why The Boys offer exceptional incentives and inducements to assure the Lotto Lab team is the best in the world.

Make Time For YourselfFor example, The Boys have a standing offer that any employee is permitted to shadow them for a week should that employee crack the lotto code thereby allowing the team to win multiple multi-million dollar jackpots.

Think of it.  The lucky recipient will follow The Boys around for an entire week.  They’ll be privy to every doughnut shop, Texas Lotto Retailer and skinny dip session The Boys undertake.  Observation of these critical activities may well be the incentive necessary to propel this person to even greater heights.

The Boys are happy to help.


Focused on Quality

Top Lotto Professionals concentrate on the quality of what the team produces.  To assure that quality remains high at the Lotto Lab, The Boys conduct a debrief after each and every Texas Lotto Drawing to determine what they could do better.  These sessions can last as long as seventy-two hours after the regular Wednesday and Saturday drawings.

Typically, an Official Lotto Lab Debrief will cover:

  • What were our objectives?
  • Did we meet these objectives?
  • What did we do right?
  • What did we do wrong?
  • Were our instructions clear?
  • Did everyone understand the goal?
  • Could we have used more lotto tickets?
  • Do events suggest another area of lotto research?
  • Whose turn is it to bring doughnuts?
  • Why aren’t the doughnuts here?

The Boys use these sessions to keep everyone sharp and focused thereby assuring their inevitable Texas Lotto win.

As quickly as they complete their post drawing analysis, they draft an After Great Seal of the Great State of TexasDrawing Report and forward it to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.  When their documents arrive at the Archives Commission, super smart Texans review the technical aspects of their recitation of events and then carefully place it in the Texas Archives.  To propagate quality throughout The Great State of Texas, it’s important to promulgate their data as quickly as possible to other Professional Lotto Teams.

The Boys are deadly serious about sharing their research.


Success is Shared

Genuine Lotto Professionals are intent on having a significant impact on their team.  The Boys are no exception.  As such, they are generous with their time, their research and their secret swimming holes.

Some employees have complained that they’ve received no compensation while working for the Lotto Lab.  In spite of their extended dry spell, The Boys noted that they’ve been conducting critical lotto research and maintained a laser-like focus on Lotto Texas for many years.

According to The Boys, their efforts are much like those of revered inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison. 

Edison famously said:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.


The Boys have not lost the lotto,
they have found 10,000 ways not to win.


There are other fascinating similarities between They Boys and:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Albert Einstein
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Henry Ford
  • Charles Babbage
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates

And numerous other highly successful yet misunderstood luminaries.

The Boys have told their employees time and time again… you’ll get paid when we hit the lotto.


Next Time… Fer Sure!!

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