The Rules

Revised 20230310

Lotto Central does not conduct a lottery.  We buy and hold Texas Powerball Tickets and report the results to persons supporting Lotto Central.   Should we win a Texas Powerball Jackpot, we will disburse the funds to Registered Players as described below.  You become a Registered Player when you subscribe to Lotto Central.  Only Registered Players will receive a share of jackpot winnings.  To Register: Click Here.

Remittances are used to support our efforts to win the Texas Powerball.  You’re permitted to share and share alike in the Jackpot as described herein.  The current annual subscription fee is $20.00.  The subscription fee is subject to change without notice.  If you’re currently a Registered Player, your subscription fee will not change.  Your subscription fee will remain the same for as long as it remains current.  To Register:  Click Here.

If you’d like to receive the same communications our supporters receive, you may do so.  Receipt of these communications alone does not mean you will share in any jackpot we might win.  Receipt of Jackpot Remittances Requires Registration.  To receive communications, complete the form on this page:  Click Here

Should the group win a Jackpot, Lotto Central will move to effect disbursements as quickly as possible. The sequence will be:

  • Request tax information from qualified players.  Players will receive notification of the win and request for information via e-mail and US Postal Mail.  Supporters will be granted 30 days from the postmark date of the US Postal Mail letter to respond with the requested information.
  • Engage counsel and tax professionals during the period Supporters may respond.
  • Present Names and Addresses of Lotto Central Supporters to the professionals.
  • Request that the qualified professionals prepare disbursements in accordance with the law.
  • All applicable professional fees and taxes will be paid from the Jackpot winnings. These amounts will be paid first. Lotto Central Supporters’ winnings will be reduced by a pro-rata share of the professional fees.

Other Information:

If we should discontinue the game at any time in the future, you will receive a 100% pro-rata refund for each full month remaining in your subscription.  For example, if you subscribed in the middle of February and we discontinued the game two months later in April, your refund would be for 9 months.  That 9 months represents the 9 full months remaining in your subscription.  Those months are May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, and January.  Your refund will be 9/12 of your remittance.

FYI, we have no intention of discontinuing anything, but, we’ve been asked about the policy.

It is permissible to support Lotto Central with more than one subscription.  Each subscription will receive a pro-rata share of net jackpot winnings.  Net jackpot winnings are the winnings remaining after the payment of professional fees to prepare our disbursement.

There will never be more than 200 people in a single pool.  When we’re close to exceeding 200 people, we will close the current pool and open another one.  You may participate in multiple pools.  Restricting the number of participants to no more than 200 can mean significant winnings for you.  To learn more:  Click Here.

Only a jackpot will be distributed to Lotto Central Supporters.  A jackpot is defined as correctly selecting 6 out of 6 of the numbers drawn by Texas Powerball. Winnings short of a jackpot are not distributed. Winnings less than a jackpot are retained for operating expenses.

You are personally responsible for any legal or tax requirements precipitated by the receipt of your share of winnings.  If the group hits a Jackpot, competent legal and accounting professionals will be engaged to determine the appropriateness of distribution. Lotto Central will not knowingly distribute winnings in violation of law.

Should we win a jackpot, Lotto Central will receive one share.

The final determination of valid Lotto Central Supporters will be made solely by Lotto Central.  We play the same numbers every game.  To review the tickets in play Click Here.

Rules may be changed without notice.

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