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Lotto Central Pool Rules of Play
Revised June 8, 2019
Rules For Participation In Site Pool


Thank you for reviewing these rules of play. Your participation in Lotto Central is the acknowledgment that you have read these rules and agree to be bound by them

1. Lotto Central Site Rules are subject to change without notice.

2.  There is no charge for playing any game administered by Lotto Central.

3. All Lotto Central Lotto Games are void where prohibited by law.

4. Receiving our notification e-mails does not mean that you are registered for our games. To be in our games you must be Registered or Subscribed.  You may register for the next game only for FREE:  Click Here.   

Or you may Subscribe for up to three (3) years here:  Click Here.

5. Lotto Central is owned by David Zenker.  For contact information, please Click Here. Should we win a Jackpot, I will receive one share of the winnings. A share is defined as (net Jackpot winnings/total qualified players.) I am one of the qualified players.

6. By playing any games administered by Lotto Central, you agree to accept e-mail communications for all the games. In most instances, this will result in 3 to 5 communications per week. The communications will deal with, but not be limited to:

  • Announcing the amount we’re playing for.
  • Announcing the need to re-register for the current Pick 6 Drawing.

Should you desire to be removed from these communications, you will always find a remove link at the bottom of each e-mail.

7. The Lotto we’re playing is the Texas Pick 6. Texas conducts Lotto Texas drawings on Wednesday and Saturday Evenings at 10 pm Central Time.

8. The Texas Lotto is a 6/54 lotto. There are no repeating balls. The odds to win the Pick 6 are approximately 26,000,000 to 1.

9. You can independently review the results of the Texas Lottery at the official site maintained by the State of Texas.  To visit the official site, please:  Click Here

10. To be registered for play at Lotto Central, you must register at:

Click Here To Register

between 11 PM  Central time the day of the last drawing and 9 PM Central Time of the day of the current drawing. Once again, the Texas Pick 6 drawing is conducted at 10 PM Central Time on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  Subscribed players are not required to register for each game.  Subscribed players are in all games for the duration of their subscription period.  To subscribe and avoid the necessity of registering for each game:  Click Here.

11. It is necessary to register for each Lotto Central Game you would like to participate in. Your current registration is for the next drawing only. To participate in the following and subsequent drawings, you must re-register.

12. If you would prefer not to be required to register for each game, you may subscribe for either one year or three years of play. To subscribe, Please Click Here

13. Final determination of valid registrants for each drawing will be made solely by Lotto Central.

14, Only one registration per lotto drawing per person will be honored. Others will be discarded. Attempts to register more than once using multiple e-mails and/or aliases will result in exclusion from sharing in jackpots. Multiple Pre-Registrations for a single person are not permitted. Multiple Registrations within a single household are permissible.  Should we win the Texas Lotto Jackpot, each Registered Player will be required to provide remittance information as described below.

15. All communications will be made via e-mail only.  Lotto Central is not responsible for circumstances that cause you not to receive our communications.   No attempt, other than e-mail, will be made to contact you to inform you of winnings or other information unless you’re subscribed.  If you’re subscribed, you will receive a letter via U.S. Postal Mail informing you that we’ve won a multi-million dollar jackpot.  As a subscribed player, you will have 30 days from the date the notification letter is postmarked to provide requested remittance information.  If you’re not subscribed or if you don’t respond to our e-mail transmissions within specified parameters, you will be excluded from all winnings.

16. A valid registrant must have a unique e-mail address.  No more than one registrant per e-mail address will be accepted.

17. Lotto Central does not conduct a lottery.  Lotto Central is a free lotto pool based upon the Texas Lottery.  We play the published numbers and report the results to participants. 

18. The ticket numbers Lotto Central currently has in play are posted at this site.  To view the tickets in play, Please Click Here.  There you will see the numbers in play and the inclusive dates the tickets are valid. If the dates exhibited are expired then there are currently no tickets in play. Your entry will make you eligible for the next Pick 6 Drawing the site holds active tickets for.

19. Only a jackpot will be distributed to registered players.  A jackpot is defined as correctly selecting 6 out of 6 of the numbers drawn by the Texas Lotto. Winnings short of a jackpot are not distributed. Winnings less than a jackpot are retained for operating expenses.  

20. There is no necessity to provide Lotto Central with your name and address at the time of registration. Should we hit the jackpot, you will be contacted by e-mail once requesting payment information. There will be only ONE attempt to contact you via e-mail. There will be no other communication to notify you of the win unless you are subscribed.  You will have one week from the date of the notifying e-mail to respond with the requested information. If you fail to respond in the allotted time, you will not share in the jackpot.  If you are subscribed, you will receive a US Postal mail notification, in addition to the aforementioned e-mail.  As a subscribed player, you will have 30 days from the date the letter is postmarked to provide the requested remittance information.

21. You are personally responsible for determining if your locality permits participation in these games.  You are personally responsible for any necessary tax reporting and payment to which you are subject.  Lotto Central will make no attempt to do so. If the group hits a Jackpot, competent legal and accounting professionals will be engaged to determine the appropriateness of distribution. Lotto Central will not knowingly distribute winnings in violation of law. Should these professionals determine you were playing in violation of law, you will not receive any remittances.

22. Should the group win a Jackpot, Lotto Central will move to effect disbursements as quickly as possible. The sequence will be:

  • Request mailing and tax information via the single e-mail as described previously. Regular Registered players will have one week from the date of the notifying e-mail to respond.  Subscribed players will receive notification via e-mail and US Postal Mail.  Subscribed players will be provided 30 days from the postmark date of the US Postal mail letter to respond with the requested information.
  • Engage counsel and tax professionals during the period persons may respond.
  • Present Names and Addresses of qualified respondents to the professionals.
  • Request that the qualified professionals prepare disbursements in accordance with law.

23. All applicable taxes and professional fees will be paid from the Jackpot winnings. These amounts will be paid first. Your winnings will be reduced by a pro-rata share of these applicable taxes and professional fees.

24. Should we win a Jackpot, all qualified registrants and subscribers will share equally in the prize after applicable taxes and professional fees are deducted. I will personally receive one share of the proceeds.

25. All games sponsored by advertisers will be governed by these same rules.

26. Winning numbers reported are believed to be accurate, however, no assurance or representation of accuracy is asserted.  Should there be a discrepancy between numbers reported by Lotto Central and the official numbers reported by the State Lottery of Texas, the latter will prevail.  Lotto Central’s reporting is provided “as is” with no representations of serviceability for any purpose. You can independently verify reporting by visiting Texas Lotto site maintained by the Texas Lotto Commission.  Click Here

27. Both US and non-US residents may play. 

28. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

29. Should Lotto Central cease operations all subscription fees will be forfeited.  No refunds will be forthcoming.


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