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We Do The Work – We Share the Wealth.

Lotto Central is a “Lotto Pool in Perpetuity” permitting anyone anywhere to share and share alike in a Texas Powerball Jackpot.  Your investment is only $20.00 for a Full Year.  Participating in three multi-million dollar drawings is less than 40 cents a week.

We have Three Goals:

  • Have Fun;
  • Split a Jackpot With You;
  • Have more Fun.

You’re Eligible to Share Millions!

What We Do:  We buy Texas Powerball tickets and report the results. Should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot, we commit to share and share alike in accordance with the published rules. To review the rules, Click Here.

Why We Do It:   We love the lotto.  We’re confident we’re going to hit the lotto.  To do so, we need to play and play and play and play some more.  We invite you to join us.

Maximum Players 200:  We protect your winnings by limiting the number of players permitted in the game.  Players will not exceed 200 in any given pool.  The Texas Powerball is typically in excess of $100 Million Dollars.  The current amount is depicted at the bottom of this page.  The large jackpots coupled with the limited number of players can mean Generational Wealth for your family.  To learn how much you might win,  Click Here.

When you support Lotto Central with a $20/year subscription you’re referred to as a Registered Player.  Only Registered Players are eligible to share millions.

The Importance of Consistent Play
Cannot Be Overstated.
It’s How We Intend to Win.

There are other benefits:

It’s Fun to Be in the Game.

There are 3 Drawings a Week.

Your Investment is Less than Six Cents a Day.

Each Drawing is Worth at Least $20 Million Dollars. 

When We Win You’ll Have Cash & AWESOME Bragging Rights.




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