What to Do When We Win

What to Do When We Win

The Boys in the Lotto Lab have often dreamed of what they would do with their millions The Boys in the Lotto Labwhen we hit the BIG Texas Lotto Jackpot.  In the past, they’ve made a few mistakes.  They’ve summarized a few of their past errors and have come to the conclusion that they will NEVER do any of these again.

  • Move out of Their Mom’s Basement;
  • Finance and Star in a Major Motion Picture;
  • Make a Shrewd Investment in an Alpaca Farm;
  • Take Advice from ANY of Their Unemployed Friends;
  • Let Their Texas Lotto Retailer Serve as Their Investment Advisor;
  • Absently Mindedly Leave Their Bank PIN Taped to the Back of their ATM Card.

So, that’s what they won’t do.  The question remains, what will The Boys do?  Will their lifestyle change? Will they finally get a date?  Will they finally buy a round of root beers for their buddies? 

They’ve decided they’ll do what the 60 Million Dollar Winners did at Canada’s PTL Services.  Most of them showed up for work the next day. 

As they’ve said over and over again, everything The Boys do, they do for you.  They will continue to conduct critical lotto research on a daily basis and work as hard as ever for you, loyal Lotto Central Players.

Employer’s all across The Great State of Texas just breathed a sigh of relief.  You see… The Boys are self-employed.  😉

The story of the Canadian Lotto Winners who are still working is summarized below.  To read the original article:  Click Here


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Another Day at the Office

Most of the lucky winners work directly for PTL Services Ltd. in Southern Harbour, which means about half of PTL’s staff are now millionaires.

According to general manager Lloyd Parrott, there have been plenty of happy faces around the office all week.

Parrott said he was questioned by representatives from the refinery last weekend who were wondering if anyone would be showing up for work on Monday.

Nearly every single employee who was in on the winning draw has decided to continue working.

We have one couple they both work for me. She has put her notice in, and she’ll be leaving,” he said.

We got some guys that are very close to retiring, and they will,” Parrott said.

We have some other people who had indicated before they would probably work until they were 60, and now they may go when they’re 55.Parrott still has hope for the rest of his employees that lightning could strike twice.

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