Ten Million Due Us?

Ten Million Dollars Due Us?

The Boys in the Lotto Lab have been watching with interest the controversy surrounding the Texas Lotto’s “Fun 5s” Scratch Off Game.

The Boys in the Lotto LabIt seems there is some ambiguity in the communication of who is a winner.  Many Texans thought they had won $500,000.00, only to visit their Texas Lotto Retailer and discover they had won nothing.

Tough news, especially if you’ve already bought the new Porsche.

According to lotto watchdog, Dawn Nettles, from the Lotto Report Website, Fun 5 scratch off losers have registered a number of complaints.

According to Nettles:

“What (Texas Lottery) is doing is down-right cruel,” Nettles said, “People are going out and buying this ticket and they scratch it off, their hearts are fluttering, they’re screaming everywhere, the store clerk says yes, yes, yes and then they scan it and it says not a winner.”

The Boys in the Lotto Lab could not agree more.

More than once they thought they had won millions, and had not.  They thought they had “Cracked the Code” to the Texas Lotto, and had not.  They thought they had FINALLY hired a Female CEO, and had not.

It’s evident, The Boys in the Lotto Lab are the victims here.

Just like the victims of losing Fun 5 Scratch Offs, their hearts fluttered and they screamed.  Immediately after checking with their Texas Lotto Retailer, they were bitterly disappointed.  Like the scratch off victims, they were forced to return their new vehicle, new clothes and cancel their dinner reservations at Taco Bell.

A bitter pill to swallow.  An injustice that requires compensation.

Now, with the Fun 5 Scratch Off controversy entering a critical phase, they’re thinking they might gather up all their loosing lotto tickets, head to Austin and DEMAND compensation for their pain and suffering.

This could be BIG… The Boys will keep you posted. 😉

The below summary is from The Houston Chronicle.  To read the original article:  Click Here.


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Angry Scratch Off Players

The Texas Lottery Commission is facing accusations of misleading its players after dozens of scratch-off game players who thought they had won were told they were losers.

You’ve got the players of the game and the people of Texas saying that they’re cheaters. That’s not good PR and quite frankly, it’s not what we want our from our Lottery Commission,” Sternberg said Monday.

Texas Lottery Commission says the top prize would only result if both conditions were met.

The Texas Lottery Commission says it has no plans to remove it from circulation.

Director of Media Relations at the Lottery Commission, Kelly Cripe, did not return phone calls but sent an email statement reiterating that players needed to complete both parts of the rule in order to win five times the prize amount.

Even a fourth grader would tell you those two sentences are not joined together.” The Texas Lottery Commission has sovereign immunity which means it can’t be sued unless the state legislature approves it, according to Sternberg.

What we’re asking for is not much more than a drop in the bucket to these guys. it’s important that the public in the State of Texas do not believe that the Texas Lottery are cheaters.” 


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