Rigged Lotto?

Rigged Lotto?

The Boys in the Lotto Lab are watching this Iowa court case with interest.  It seems that Lotto Liars may have rigged the Iowa Lottery.  While the lotto purports to select numbers The Boys in the Lotto Labrandomly, there was a particular software developer that identified a weakness in the system and was able to predict the winning numbers with uncanny accuracy.

Plaintiffs assert that these multi-million dollar wins from the Multi-State Lottery Association have deprived legitimate players of millions of dollars in winnings.

The Boys are LIVID!!!

Lotto Central players know that The Boys have been conducting LEGITIMATE lotto research for years at GREAT personal expense.

They’ve traveled throughout the Lone Star State:

  • Conducting Research
  • Verifying Hypotheses
  • Conducting Lectures
  • Preparing Dissertations
  • Presenting Results
  • Pontificating Proudly
  • Pontificating Profusely
  • Pontificating Incessantly
  • Pontificating Pointlessly
  • Drinking Root Beer
  • Break Dancing
  • Fleeing From Law Enforcement
  • Searching for the Ultimate Taco

As is evident:

Everything They Do… They Do For YOU!

And now they learn that the lotto may not be legit.

Don’t worry, The Boys have your back.

They intend to sign on to this lawsuit.  In doing so, they will present their tens of thousands of losing Lotto Tickets correlated with the Critical Lotto Research that provides PROOF POSITIVE that we would have won millions with their irrefutable research had the game Lotto Mobilebeen legit.

Small problem.

The Boys have been banned from flights external to Texas and the Lotto Mobile is in need of repairs.  As most third grade graduates know, Iowa is a long way from Texas.

That’s where loyal Lotto Central Players come in.

Send your litigation support donations to:

The Boys

c/o The Lotto Lair

Flower Mound, Texas  😉

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This excerpt is from WHOTV.com.  To read the complete article, please Click Here.

DES MOINES, Iowa – “How do you go about rigging a lottery?” asked Gus Fritschie at DEF CON 25.

“Obviously, you become a lottery developer, write code, and have your friends buy the winning numbers,” he continued, answering his own question.

It’s because Tipton rigged the system that Antoinett McGregor isn’t confident everything is on the up and up with the lottery anymore.

“There’s one bad apple in every bunch. So, you know, thank God he got caught.” Gary Dickey, Managing Member of Dickey & Campbell Law Firm in Des Moines, is suing the Multi-State Lottery Association.

“Anybody who purchased a lottery ticket is guaranteed, according to the rules of the game, to have a random drawing,” said Dickey.

“As part of our litigation, we’ve asserted that because of Eddie Tipton’s actions, that the lottery games were rigged and therefore people should be entitled to get their money back,” said Dickey.

Dickey says the public should be concerned about the integrity of lotto drawings, but the Iowa Lottery says its games are fair and offer everyone the same shot at winning.

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