Lose Your House Win a Million

Lose Your House – Win a Million
The Boys in the Lotto Lab know that you never know when you’re going to win the lotto.  The Boys in the Lotto LabSometimes it can be at a very opportune time. Bill Pendergast’s  house burned down in a wildfire two years ago.  He was building it little by little when he hit the Atlantic Lotto.  BOOM!!!!  He’s a millionaire.
The Boys intend to do precisely what Bill did, except for burning their house down.  That seemed like a bad idea.
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The following is excerpted from a CNN article.  To Read the entire article:  Click Here
Pendergast, 50, bought the $3 Lotto 6/49 ticket earlier this month when he stopped at the local convenience store in Newfoundland and Labrador on the way to visit his ill father.

Dad called and asked me to stop on my way back to the hospital and pick him up a cold 7-Up,” said Pendergast in a statement from the Atlantic Lottery.

“‘Bill, did you buy a lottery ticket? Someone won a million dollarsshe told me,” he said.

He pulled out his lottery ticket, checked his numbers against the winning numbers on his phone and couldn’t believe what he saw.

I called my wife, Carrie, in Fort McMurray and she booked a flight immediately,” Pendergast said.

Pendergast plans on finishing rebuilding his home and furnishing it, but he does want one special gift.  He’s FINALLY going to get a new Ford Mustang.


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