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The following information came from the Austin American Statesman.  In addition to the below, the article presents a series of articles potentially permitting you to increase your chances of hitting the Texas Lottery, or any other lottery by almost 200 times.  These are publications worth reading.  To read the complete article, Click Here.


If you could enhance your odds of winning a multi-million-dollar lottery ticket by nearly 200-fold, would you do it? A Philadelphia website has just published a series of articles that, among other things, includes a detailed roadmap to a still-missing $7.5 million Texas lottery ticket.

I’ve included a link to the list of stores where that ticket may be at the end of this post.

The series focused on the fascinating and mysterious case of Joan Ginther, a native of the tiny town of Bishop, Texas, who won four multi-million dollar lottery drawings worth more than $20 million between 1993 and 2010.

She has never granted an interview on the topic the site’s three-story series has identified the most likely explanation yet: She purchased a lot of tickets.

What about the missing $7.5 million ticket? Mucha used serial numbers on the books of $50 scratch-off tickets and the lottery’s own description of how winning tickets are placed to narrow down where the remaining jackpot winner may still reside.


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