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Women Deserve The Very Best

One of the worst things you can do is break up with your partner while holding a multi-million dollar jackpot winning ticket.  The below is from CTV News.  If the following doesn’t make you sad enough, you can read the remainder of the article, Click Here.

Robertson’s lawsuit against Maurice Thibeault and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation alleges the winning ticket was purchased with the understanding that any winnings would be split between the two parties.

Robertson’s statement of claim alleges Thibeault kept up a long-standing tradition and purchased a ticket for the Sept. 20, 2017 draw, but later denied that it was a winner.

The OLG has since paid Thibeault half the prize while the rest remains in legal limbo.

Robertson’s suit accuses Thibeault of breach of trust and unjust enrichment and seeks the roughly $3 million that would represent half the winnings from the lottery ticket, plus an additional half a million dollars in aggravated damages.

Robertson’s statement of claim alleges that she and Thibeault regularly bought lottery tickets together throughout their nearly two-year-long common-law relationship, with both members of the couple purchasing or paying for the tickets at different times.

The statement of claim said Robertson texted Thibeault urging him to check whether their ticket was among the winners.

In January, the corporation paid Thibeault half of the $6 million prize, since that sum was not in question.

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