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Winning the lotto jackpot would be a tremendous boon to all Lotto Central players.  Still, care is necessary.  The following information comes from the Irish Times.  It wisely counsels that those that can say “We Won the Lottery,” should seek professional financial advice and proceed with caution.  The Boys in the Lotto Lab are quick to offer their financial advice, then, in the same breath, they’ll tell you they need to borrow gas money to get to your financial planning meeting.  If I were you, I’d avoid their financial expertise like the plague. 😉

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Professional Lotto Winnings Advice

You have a one in 10.7 million chance of winning the lottery.

Eight hundred people have won1 million or more in the Irish lottery since it began in 1987.

Of those, for her first episode, Cullen has found just five winners willing to talk about it.

Jimmy Carroll a shy 53-year-old army ambulance driver from Kildare who wins500,000, seems stunned by the experience, as wary of the bubbles and camera flashes as he is of Craig Doyle.

His delight is the springboard into the complicated history of previous winners.

Winning £1 million in 1994, he bought the dole office in Cobh and turned it into a Titanic-themed bar and restaurant, mortgaging his home when it ran into debt.

It’s not something I’m prepared to dwell on.” Cullen introduces one astonishing statistic that 70 per cent of US Lotto winners declare bankruptcy within 20 years of their win.

This, you suspect, is something Craig Doyle will never tell us: Winning the lottery can be extremely expensive.


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