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There are Lottery Applications that can make winning much easier.  Whether you’re organizing a pool or simply want to be certain that you know the when, where and how much is at stake in this evening’s drawing, technology can help.  The below information is from The Balance.  To read the entire article, Click Here.

Most of this money is left behind by people who only checked the jackpot numbers and, when they didn’t hit the jackpot, didn’t pay attention to smaller prizes.

Lottery apps can help you ensure that you don’t overlook a prize win, big or small.

A lottery app can make checking your lucky numbers a snap.

If you have a specific lottery you like to play, many state lotteries have their own apps for you to use which makes it easy to check their numbers quickly, wherever you are.

Some lottery apps even give you the option to scan your tickets to check if you are a winner and be notified if you have a winner.

One word of caution, though: some people have missed out on wins because their apps didn’t work properly, like this massive fail with the UK’s National Lottery app.

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