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It’s always good to check your tickets BEFORE you go to the convenience store.  This information from explains the danger of trusting the random clerk to check your tickets.  To read the article, Click Here.

An Edison man swiped a winning scratch-off lottery ticket with a $1 million prize while working at a convenience store last year, authorities said Friday.

Rayhan Sorwar, 36, was arrested Friday and charged with theft of moveable property over $75,000, conspiracy to commit money laundering and attempted money laundering.

When a customer went to cash-in their scratch-off ticket on Sept. 6, 2017, at the Edison store where Sorwar worked, he gave the customer payouts from two other tickets, instead of giving the person a claim form.

State and county authorities started looking into the alleged theft after Sorwar’s wife tried to cash the lottery ticket at the Lottery Commission in Lawrence later that month, the release said.

Sorwar is scheduled to appear in Middlesex County Superior Court next month.

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