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A lotto winners desire to remain anonymous can be thwarted if proper procedures aren’t followed.  This New Hampshire player learned the hard way.  This information is from Courthouse News.  To read the complete article, Click Here.

Represented by Counsel, the winner of the Jan. 6 lottery drawing says her privacy is at risk because ofa huge mistake.”

Identifying herself only as Jane Doe, the winner says she wrote out her name on the back of the ticket she bought from Reed’s Ferry Market in a panic to secure it.

Though she had merely been following the directions of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, Doe says an attorney advised her shortly thereafter that she could create a trust to collect her winnings anonymously.

Under New Hampshire’s Right to Know law, the Lottery Commission will be forced to disclose records identifying the winner if a request for such information is filed.

Such requests are common after any drawing, the commission disclosed, to say nothing of the fact that the jackpot at issue is the seventh-highest in lotto history.

Shielding her name in Hillsborough County Superior Court South, Doe describes herself as a lifelong New Hampshire resident who has no plans to leave the Granite State.

Going on to recount a half-dozen instances of lotto winners who facedLife-threatening consequencesafter their identities were disclosed, Doe notes that one winner in Georgia was killed just two years ago in a home invasion.

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