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There’s a lot going on in the world of lotto, new games and new opportunities to develop insights and tactics that can serve all players, regardless of their skill level.  The following is from Totally Gaming.  To read the complete article, Click Here.

Head of Customer Success at LOT.TO outlined the importance of lottery in the current growing gaming climate: “The lottery sector accounts for 30% of the global gaming industry, which is expected to turn over $635bn by 2020. Yet, in terms of adopting technology and embracing the opportunities offered by the internet, lottery remains way behind the curve, especially when compared to other gaming channels, such as betting and casino.”Because most lotteries are controlled by state or national governments, many of which see the internet as hard to control and police, the sector has been very slow in moving forward with online sales and promotion.

The basic premise of a lottery game is perfectly suited to online play. Online operators can offer a mixture of weekly, daily and instant play games, based on both official state lotteries and internal draws, made using a Random Number Generator. Because these games tend to be based on the insured model, they can also be more flexible, offering features such as jackpot-only, multi-lottery combo games or even prizes that are tailored to suit a certain market.” The lottery industry adapts to each market that it looks to attract, an evolution that is heavily aided by the expansion of the iLottery.

The African, Asian and Latam markets are opening up to the huge prizes and preferential odds offered by lotteries, while in the USA we are seeing movement as Pennsylvania prepares to offer online sales on its state lottery.


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