The Cost

Your Cost is ZERO


There is no cost to play any Lotto Central Game.  To be eligible to participate in our multi-million dollar jackpot winnings, you need only register for each game as described in the rules.  The following rules excerpt explains the procedure.

To be registered for play at Lotto Central, you must register between 11 PM  Central time the day of the last drawing and 9 PM Central Time of the day of the current drawing. Once again, the Texas Pick 6 drawing is conducted at 10 PM Central Time on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  Pre-Registered players are not required to register for each game.  Pre-Registered players are in all games for the duration of their Pre-Registration period.

To register for FREE for a single game, please complete the form on our home page and follow the subsequent instructions: Click Here.

To Subscribe for up to three years of continuous play and receive additional services: Click Here


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