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Subscription  Benefits

Your Subscription is Confirmed:

When you subscribe to Lotto Central, you receive a written communication confirming your subscription and the inclusive dates.  Within these dates, you are eligible to receive your share of the multiple multi-million dollar jackpots. You’ll never worry about being in the game again.

Automatic Renewal:

At the end of your current subscription period, you will be automatically renewed.  Upon receipt of your renewal remittance, you will receive a revised confirmation with your new inclusive dates of play.  Should you prefer not to renew, simply make the adjustment in PayPal or request that we do it at least 30 days prior to the scheduled renewal.  The request to us must be made in writing via e-mail with the subject line of “Please Cancel My Renewal”.  To assure your cancellation, please tell us what e-mail you began your subscription with.  We can’t cancel your subscription without the original email.

US Postal Mail Notification of Jackpot Win:

Players who are not Subscribed are required to submit only their name and e-mail address. Their postal address is not required to play.

In accordance with the published rules, should we hit the BIG Texas Lotto Jackpot by correctly matching 6 out of 6 of the numbers drawn, regular players will be notified by e-mail once, and then be given one week to provide their remittance information, i.e., physical address, tax ID, etc.

Subscribers will not only receive the e-mail notification but will also receive a written US Postal Mail communication advising them of our multi-million dollar jackpot win. Subscribed players are permitted to submit their payment information as late as 30 days from the date of the notification letter.

We then move quickly to distribute the multi-million dollar winnings. Our goal is to have the money in your hands within 60 days of the jackpot win.

There are a lot of reasons why a person might miss the notifying e-mail. For example:

  • They’re on Vacation;
  • They Forgot to Look;
  • Their E-Mail Box is Full;
  • The Lotto Central Message is Accidentally Deleted;
  • Their Internet Service Provider is Having Problems;
  • The Lotto Central Message is Accidentally Overlooked;
  • etc., etc.

A letter addressed to:

Your Name
Texas Jackpot Winner
Your Address
Your City, Your State, Your Zip

Will be hard to miss. 🙂

If a player does not subscribe, they must watch for a single e-mail requesting the information. Should they miss it, they will not share in the millions.

Access to Our Paid Affiliate Program:

Lotto Central operates a lucrative Affiliate Program permitting you to earn 25% of Lotto Central Affiliate Programall of your referred subscription fees.  You will not earn just once, but each and every time they renew.  For example, when a person you refer subscribes for a year, you will earn 25% of their $12 Subscription fee, or $3.00. Not just the first time, but each time they renew. It’s free to become an affiliate, but to be paid on referred Subscriptions, you must be Subscribed yourself. To become a Lotto Central Affiliate permitting you to begin earning, Click Here.

Automatic 100% Eligibility to Win:

Lotto Central plays for almost half a billion dollars in Texas Lotto Jackpots each and every year. As a Subscribed Player, you will be fully vested in this potential windfall.

If you’re not a subscriber, to be eligible to share in these hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money, you must return to the site twice weekly and register for each game in accordance with the published rules.

Subscribed players do not have to return to re-register for each drawing. You’re considered Registered for the duration of your subscription period.

Our motto is:

Next Time… FOR SURE!!! 😉

When we caravan to Austin to pick up our millions, your Subscribed status assures you’re riding with us.


Your Lotto Central Subscription Assures You’re

In The Game – 24 x 7

To Subscribe

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