Win Millions On Your Birthday

Phil Won Millions on His Birthday!

Phil has been playing the lottery since he learned of the game 26 years ago, and after winning over a million dollars on the Guaranteed Prize, he’ll always have fond memories about July 1.

Phil won the million on his birthday after purchasing his ticket at the Chevron Town Pantry in his community.

He says when he initially checked his ticket, he wasn’t convinced he was a big winner.

“I checked at the self-checker,” said Phil. “I told my son, and then I had to go to another gas station to make sure it was correct. After I told my wife, they both thought I was joking and didn’t believe me.”

Phil says the $1 million means he can take a step back from work.

“It’ll be nice not to have to work so hard,” laughed Phil. “I’ll continue to … I want to start my own business.”

On top of starting a new business, Phil will put some of his money towards the new house that he’s building, so the timing of the win is perfect.

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