This Mistake Makes a Millionaire

This Mistake Makes a Millionaire

An unnamed man in Denton County, Texas, won a $2 million prize from the state lottery after he accidentally purchased a $20 Lucky 7s scratch-off ticket card instead of the $10 ticket that he wanted.

“I stopped to put air in my wife’s truck tire, and I needed some change for the machine,” the man told the Texas Lottery. “I went in to get change and asked for a $10 Lucky 7s ticket. The clerk handed me the $20 ticket by mistake.”

“He offered to exchange it for me, but something told me to keep it,” the man continued. “I am sure glad I did!”

The man ended up hitting the top prize scratch-off, a St. Patrick’s Day-themed game where players must match lucky numbers to other numbers hidden behind green shamrocks. The game also features horseshoe jackpot-multipliers and pots of gold that contain additional cash bonuses.

Because the man accepted his jackpot in a lump sum, he was awarded $1.3 million at the lottery headquarters. Earn More - More QuicklyHe will reportedly use the amount to buy a new house and put the remaining amount into savings.

Players of the lottery have virtually NO CHANCE of winning the multi-million dollar jackpot.  Nevertheless, we persist.  SOMEONE’s leaving with the millions.  It could be Lotto Central players.   

The man’s unexpected win follows a disagreement by state retailers about whether the government should’ve continued running the lottery during the coronavirus epidemic.

In March and April, the state shut the doors of its lottery headquarters to public visitors even though state lottery officials continued the delivery of scratch-off games and lotto supplies to storefront retailers.

Some retailers complained that the cash-only transactions allowed for lottery sales put them at higher risk for possibly contracting COVID-19. Retailers also complained that more people had begun crowding into their stores, hopeful of winning money amid the unprecedented job losses caused by the epidemic.

In early April, the state suggested at a virtual town hall that she would “very seriously” look into whether or not to restrict lottery sales. Still, no state discontinued operating during statewide lockdowns.

While a large percentage of the revenue generated from the state’s lottery game sales become prizes, the games have made BILLIONS for Texas education since its inception. 

Over the last decade, the Texas Lottery has paid tens of millions of dollars in prize money.  It’s INDISPUTABLE.  We’re due.    

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