Lotto Outrage

Lotto Outrage!!!!!

The Boys in the Lotto Lab are nothing if not professional.  After all, it was they who conducted the first lotto research back in 1991 that has served Lotto Central so well throughout these many years.  Day in day out, year in year out, they have been faithful and true to you, the loyal Lotto Central player. 

You’d think this kind of professionalism, perspicacity, and performance would result in win after win, after win, after win.

FINALLY….. we correctly selected OVER 66% of the winning Texas Lotto Numbers ON THE SAME TICKET!!! 

The Boys learned the hard way… time after time after time that having the 6 winning numbers on 6 different Texas Lotto Tickets, EVEN if they’re all for the same drawing, STILL doesn’t entitle you to millions. 

They’re still not 100% certain that’s right.  They’re going to check with a couple more folks before they throw the tickets away. 

But anyway….


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You heard the video.  The Boys are CERTAIN they’ve been wronged and intend to seek legal redress.  If anyone knows a high powered LICENSED Texas attorney willing to do whatever it takes Pro Bono, have them contact:

The Boys in the Lotto Lab
c/o The Lotto Lair
Flower Mound, Texas

In the meantime, follow the link and get registered for the next game. 

Next Time… Fer Sure!!

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