Genius Cracks Lotto Code

Genius Cracks Lotto Code

Gerry Selbee, from Michigan,  found a defect in the state’s brand-new lotto video game in 2003 triggering.  He swang into action.

Gerry, a mathematics genius, and his wife ended up being MILLIONAIRES after he hacked the lottery game and profited for many years.

In 2003, retired Michigan store owner Gerry Selbee, who has a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in mathematics, observed a defect in Michigan’s new state’s brand-new lotto game.

Family man, Gerry, then aged 64, recognized because the brand-new Winfall’s “roll-down” trick, in fact, offered a tremendous opportunity to the player.

Like other lottery games, if no player held the 6 numbers needed for the prize, the Winfall would roll-over to the next week.

Nevertheless, in this specific game, if the roll-over went beyond more than $5 million, then the prize would roll down to every tier of winners – consisting of those who properly selected 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers.

Gerry, who is a long time puzzler, recognized that as long as nobody picked the 6 numbers on roll-down weeks, then a $1 ticket was statistically worth more than $1.

He stated, “I simply increased it out, then I stated, ‘Hell, you got a favorable return here.’ “.

After losing $50 on his very first shot, the skilled mathematician stood firm understanding that this was just bad luck. 

On his next 2 efforts, he won $6,300 from $3,600 worth of tickets and $15,700 from $8,000 worth.

He quickly informed wife, Marge and they, together with their kids and friends, launched a wagering group GS Investment Strategies LLC in Evart, Michigan.

The group brought countless tickets each time there was a roll-down week and made in between $7.5 million and $8 million.

After Michigan close down the Winfall game, Gerry and GS Investment Strategies LLC started playing Massachusetts’ Winfall video game.  Their prescience continued to pay. 

They played and won for six years.  Then the Massachusetts lottery shut the party down.  Gerry and two other groups were playing the game, one of which was led by an MIT Computer Systems genius. 

Gerry did well.  He invested his winnings and now has two of grandkids that graduated debt-free from the University of Michigan.”.


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