As Seen on TV

Snookered by Snuggies

The Boys in the Lotto Lab have just had the BOOM lowered on them.  They’ve received devastating information.  Over the years they’ve repeatedly been cheated and abused by one other their favorite

“As Seen on TV”


Evidently, even some of the world’s most impressive late-night advertisers are not above a The Boys in the Lotto Lablittle chicanery. 

The Boys are devastated.  Their lives may never be the same. 

The Boys watch a lot of television.  In fact, when they’re done with a grueling 45 minute Lotto Research session, many times they’ll unwind with a brief twelve hour TV watching break.

According to The Boys, it takes:

  • Three TV Watching Hours to Unwind From Grueling Lotto Research
  • Three TV Watching Hours to Prepare the Nachos
  • Three TV Watching Hours to Discuss What to Watch
  • Three TV Watching Hours to Enjoy their Selections

Sometimes they’ll watch PBS, sometimes they’ll watch a documentary, and sometimes they’ll watch the news. 

Each and every time they realized they’re watching either:

  • PBS
  • The News
  • A Documentary

They’ll quickly pop in a Steven Segal, Sylvester Stallone, or The Rock DVD. 

The Boys are:

“Men of Action”

They only watch other Men of Action. 😉

Anyway, back to the business at hand.  The Boys recently learned that there were some shenanigans with the guys that sold them their 30 Snuggies.  That’s right; each of the three Boys in the Lotto Lab is the proud owner of ten Snuggies.

Here’s how The Boys came to own more Snuggies than anyone else in Flower Mound.

They were watching a Rocky movie around two in the morning.  The Boys were enjoying themselves by consuming copious quantities of root-beer as they watch Rocky put a MAJOR hurt on Ivan Drago, the Russian.  Then, as one, they noticed that it was frigid in the Lotto Lair.  A HUGE argument ensued, resulting in trash talk, punches, bruising and crying.    

Typical Lotto Lair late night fun.  😉

The source of the conflict revolved around an initially civil discussion regarding who was going to get up and turn up the heat. 

They couldn’t decide whose turn it was to get out from under the blanket and dash to the thermostat. 

As usual, fisticuffs followed.

Then, as if by magic, a Snuggies commercial came on just as Sly was about to take out Drago. 

The Boys were giddy.  The solution was at hand.  They reached for the phone as one.  The Snuggies came in ten colors, there are three boys.  As all three were in a root-beer induced stupor, they concluded that they must have one of each color resulting in an order for 30 Snuggies.

In a flash, all their Lotto Loot was GONE.  Now, thanks to the following article, The Boys know they were charged too much shipping.  

The Boys found a calculator and began pounding on the keys.  Seconds later, they knew exactly what the Snuggie Company owed them. 

The Snuggie company sold more than 30 million units.  The company owes the purchasing public more than 7.2 million dollars in refunds.  The Boys bought 30 of those 30 million units. 

The Boys calculate that they have precisely $720,000 coming for their share of the excessive shipping costs.   

The Boys raced for the phone to assure Snuggies has their correct remittance information. 

As yet, Snuggies has not responded. 😉

Black Line Lotto


This excerpt is from ABC News.  To read the complete article: Click Here

The Snuggie has raked in millions, but now the company behind famous “As seen on TV” fleece blanket is being forced to pay its customers $7.2 million back in refunds.

The Federal Trade Commission alleged that Allstar Marketing Group, the New York-based company behind the infomercial product, misrepresented and deceived customers with its ads.

According to court documents, the FTC said Allstar’s “Buy-one-get-one-free” promotion failed to disclose additional charges to customers for processing and handling.

The product is said to be available for “Just $19.95” and promises consumers the offer will be doubled for “Less than $10 each.” Those ads never disclosed that a $7.95 handling fee would be applied to each product in the order, which nearly doubled the total price to $35.85.

“The televised commercials for all of its products adhere to a nearly identical script,” the FTC said, referring to the deal the company used for multiple products, including the Snuggie and the Magic Mesh screen door.

Refunds will be mailed this week to more than 218,000 customers for an average amount of $33.14 each.

Allstar did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

 Black Line Lotto


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