Lotto Central Fundraising

Lotto Central is more than a FREE lotto pool permitting you to share and share alike should we win the multi-million dollar jackpot. 

Lotto Central is also an integral component of our fundraising system.  It is a tool you’ll use to present your school, cause or club to a growing audience of fully engaged players.

Our growing player base can directly benefit your organization.  As our base grows, your organization will gain additional exposure to people that you would probably never have reached.  There has never been a greater win-win than Lotto Central.

In addition to the general traffic aggregation provided by Lotto Central, we also have sites geared to specific gift giving holidays including:

  • Birthdays;
  • Teachers;
  • Baby Gifts;
  • Father’s Day;
  • Mother’s Day;
  • Valentine’s Day;
  • Public Servants;
  • Leadership Awards;
  • and Much, Much, More.

When a purchase is made, it benefits an existing participant in our automated system.  When you’re participating, you benefit both from your promotional efforts and ours.  It is truly a virtuous circle.

Our system could become the persistent year-round source of funding your organization is looking for.    

To learn more about how our system supports your fundraising needs follow the below link.  You’ll be notified of our twice weekly results and also receive information specific to how we can help you raise money. 

You’re going to like what you see.

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