About Lotto Central

Lotto Central is a FREE lotto pool based upon either the Texas Pick 6 Lotto or the Texas Powerball, depending on which tickets we’ve purchased for the current period.

We are not affiliated with any state, national or international lottery in any way.  We do not run a lottery of any kind at Lotto Central.  We have no special understanding or unusual influence into any lottery.  We purchase tickets, report the results and commit to share and share alike in whatever multi-million dollar jackpots we happen to win in accordance with our published rules.

We enjoy the lotto.

We write what we refer to as “Lotto Research.”  We have no special insight or influence into any lottery.  Our Lotto Research is ostensibly conducted by “The Boys in the Lotto Lab.”  The Boys are our characters, they are fictitious, they do not exist.  Our Lotto Research is intended to be entertaining and nothing more. 

As noted before…  We enjoy the lotto.

We live in the Great State of Texas.  As such, most of our “Research” is written around Texas places and events. 

If you enjoy the lottery, we invite you to play.  There is no cost to play any game conducted at Lotto Central.  You may enter or exit our game at any time. 

We look forward to sharing a multi-million dollar jackpot with you.  🙂

Remember… our motto is…


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