What Happened


This is the first transmission since June 26, 2019.

In spite of the reporting hiatus, we’ve been in every game in the intervening 6 months and for years before. 

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That’s good news for our subscribed players. 

Had we hit the multi-million dollar jackpot during the reporting break, subscribers would have received a Unites States Postal Mail communication requesting remittance information. 

How cool would that have been?

It can pay.. and PAY BIG.. to be a subscriber.  You should give it serious consideration.  To review the incredible benefits of becoming a subscriber:  Click Here!

Participation in the game wasn’t suspended, but reporting was.  We’ve been traveling and working on two new projects that should be an incredible addition to this site. 

Things have FINALLY settled down, so there should be no problem reporting our results going forward. 

The Boys in the Lotto Lab and I think 2020 is going to be OUR YEAR! 

We’ve been doing this for years…. we’re due. 😉

Thanks for Playing!!


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