April 27, 2019


We’ve been remiss in reporting recently.  Even without the reminders, we’ve been in all the games and will continue to do so.  For any doubters among you, our consecutive tickets are here.

We’re doing some radio advertising emphasizing the fundraising aspect of our activities.  Some of you were attracted by that feature.  To participate in our fundraising activities, the new people attracted by our new advertising will need to make a purchase through one of our existing participants. 

Those participants are called “Friends of Texas.” 

If there’s an interest in supporting your school, church, club or professional organization, now is the PERFECT time to become a “Friend of Texas.”  You may well benefit from our new radio advertising campaign.  The new people are compelled to support someone, it could be you if they make their inaugural purchase through your Friend of Texas link.  

To become a “Friend of Texas” Click Here.

Thanks for Playing!!

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