It’s been some time since I’ve last written.  May 23, 2018 to be exact.  I want ALL subscribed players to know that we have been in every game during this period. 

Without my reminders, there were very few Free-Registrations since the last e-mail, so… had we hit the jackpot at anytime since May 23, 2018, it would have been split 3 ways.  How sweet would that have been for the those with a subscription.

It’s worth it to subscribe.   Click Here.

All tickets from May 23, 2018 are published here:  Click Here.

All reporting is caught up through today:  Click Here.

You may know that the principal purpose of this site is to market our fundraising product, the “Native Texan Hall of Fame.”  Some players may have been drawn to the site for fundraising purposes.  A fantastic system is about to get much better.  Within the next 90 days we plan to establish an Amazon Store.  To enjoy the fundraising benefits, 100% of those purchasers must benefit an existing fundraising client.  Fundraising clients are current “Friends of Texas.”

You can benefit from our efforts.

For your qualified Texas organization to enjoy this windfall, your entity must be designated a “Friend of Texas.”   To be designated a “Friend” you must support one existing friend one time.

You may do that here:  Click Here

We’re glad to be back.  We’re looking forward to helping your qualified Texas organization raise the money they need. 

Let’s hit the Lotto. 😉



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